No month may be better for music this year than June. Popular names from nearly every genre are coming out with an Album in the coming month. Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, Lady Antebellum, Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris, and Royal Blood are among the acts who will be coming out with their newest record in the next 30 days; each will hope to satiate the appetites of loyal fans. These are the top four albums to look out for in June.

4. 'Relaxer' by alt-J

This will be the third studio album by the indie rock band. Each of their previous two records, "An Awesome Wave" and "This Is All Yours," were met with critical acclaim.

There's no reason for "Relaxer" -- already replete with a 20-year old video game screenshot for cover artwork -- to be any different...or any less groovy. "Relaxer" will be released on June 2.

3. 'Witness' by Katy Perry

This ranking is more of a leap of faith than anything else. While "Swish Swish" is disturbingly catchy, it's already incredibly vapid, an adjective that can be used to describe all of the other singles from the forthcoming album as well. There are at least 12 other tracks on the record, though. Perhaps any move she makes towards a darker dance genre will be tempered by her loyalty to fans who have been with her since the beginning. "Witness" will make its impact on June 9.

2. 'Melodrama' by Lorde

When we last heard Lorde, "Royals" was in the process of becoming one of the biggest songs of 2013 and "Pure Heroine" was shooting up the records sales charts. The New Zealand native became an unexpected overnight sensation before almost vanishing to live out her teenage years in bliss.

On "Melodrama," the singer is in a much different place.

The top single so far, "Green Light," received mixed reviews; it still shows off a carefree and vulnerable lifestyle but is also stylistically unhinged. Where the sensation goes on her next album remains up in the air. "Melodrama" comes out on June 16.

1. 'Hopeless fountain Kingdom' by Halsey

Halsey's first album, "Badlands," was a critical darling, but her name truly began circulating when she was featured on the hit of the decade, The Chainsmokers' "Closer." Now, she'll get an opportunity to float on her own with some real backing behind her.

It's only her second studio album, but in the eyes of many, it's "Now or Never" (the name of one of the singles on the record - pertinent, clearly). "hopeless fountain kingdom" will look to make a whole bunch of new Halsey fans on June 2.