Halsey began her music career by posting covers of songs on YouTube. In 2014, the singer recorded a song titled 'Ghost' and was signed to a record label. She had since been making waves in the music industry. Halsey proudly identifies herself as bisexual and has made it her mission to fight bi-phobia in the music industry. However, the approach that she had taken in her recent interview is questionable as she harshly comments on fellow musician Demi Lovato.

Halsey accuses Demi Lovato in interview

Halsey was interviewed recently by Paper Magazine. In her interview, the artist discussed how she believed fellow artists were exploiting bisexuality.

She explained to Paper Magazine how artists use bisexuality as a marketing tool while not actually identifying as bisexual themselves. Halsey stated that most songs about bisexuality are sung by straight artists who may have had an experimental hookup. This, Halsey believes, is leading to the belief that the subject is taboo.

She also went on to give some examples of lyrics she found were fueling the lack of acceptance towards bisexual individuals. She referenced Lovato's 2015 song 'Cool For The Summer' quoting the lyrics "Don't tell your mom." Demi realized soon tweeted about the remark stating, "you know your song's a hit when people are still talking about it two years later."

Fans have reacted strongly

As expected, social media has blown up in the wake of this possible feud.

There has been a range of comments from fans spanning from positive to negative. Some criticize Demi Lovato for her cryptic tweet stating that that is not the right way to deal with Halsey's accuses. Other fans of Demi have taken to her defense stating that the star does identify herself as bisexual and it was wrong for Halsey to come after her the way she did.

Lovato was not the only star that Halsey dragged in her interview. She also talked about artists such as Katy Perry and made reference to her popular song 'I Kissed a Girl'. Fans of Lovato and Perry are not amused by Halsey's comments and this appears to be the beginning of tensions among the artist's fans.

Halsey has not responded to Lovato's tweet.

There has been no comment from the artist or from her representatives. Halsey has only been signed since 2014 and one has to question if her decision will affect her career in the months to come.

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