Horror Film lovers can look forward to another frightening spin-off branching from the 'Conjuring' franchise. According to IHorror reports "The Crooked Man" movie is coming.

Get ready to spend one scary summer in theaters

Straight out of the "Conjuring 2" now enters the scary as crap nursery rhyme monster the "Crooked Man." If you haven't watched the "Conjuring 2" what are you waiting for? If you have then you already know that the terror within the film lies with "Crooked Man."

Some of the scariest evils come from children's nursery rhymes and fables

The long skeletal shape of an angry old man who's twisted, evil and loves frightening the hell out everyone who comes across him, or crosses him will leave you with nightmares for weeks.

The spin-off film The Crooked Man is written by Mike Van Waes and is the lineup as one of the many sequel horror flicks based off of the "Conjuring."

Mother Goose is one scary mother. Remember this nursery rhyme?

"There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile; He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, little-crookedAnd they all lived little crookedhouse."

Now check it out...

How's that grab you horror fans?

The David F. Sandberg-directed horror flick "Annabelle 2" is a prequel to haunted doll movie of 2014 "Annabelle." This new horror flick is set to be released on August 11th.

Next in line filmmaker Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is currently at work on "The Nun.

" This spin-off will delve into the story behind that evil entity that possesses the Nun that is also featured in the "The Conjuring 2." "The Nun" hits theaters on July 13, 2018.

The Crooked Man's dark and frightening persona was first seen in last year’s summer smash "The Conjuring 2" playing antagonist alongside" The Nun" for double the terror.

A head's up to movie lover's you are seriously going to want to check out both "Conjuring" films ahead of these to get a sense of where the stories behind both evil entities arise from.

There is going to be some great films coming over the next couple of years for those who love a good scare. Here is the rundown of what to be on the watch out for in theaters for the rest of 2017.

Starting next week:

1."Amityville: Awakening" June 30, 2017

2.Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" July 28

3."Annabelle 2" August 11, 2017

4.Stephen King's "IT" September 8, 2017

5."Flatliners" September 29, 2017

6."Chucky 7" October 20, 201

7.."Insidious: Chapter 4" October 20, 2017

8..."Saw: Legacy" October 27, 2017

9."Wrong Turn 7" October TBA

10."Halloween" October TBA.

This is just the list that has been released so far. There are also some new flicks coming that have not yet been given release dates but are expected to hit theaters before the end of 2017.

You may want to start thinking about your Halloween costumes choices for this year a little early, there is going to be some seriously frightening costumes ideas born from these upcoming films.

What is your favorite scary movie to date? Sound off below!