Rumors have been speculating that Halle Berry is pregnant. The issue began when the 50-year-old actress walked the purple carpet with what seems to be a baby bump during Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles last Sunday. Due to this, Berry has headlined several outlets with issues suggesting she currently expects a third child. Fortunately, the "Extant" actress immediately denied the pregnancy.

Halle Berry's pregnancy not true

According to Inquistr, Berry was wearing a silver dress as she walks the purple carpet. However, rubbing her abdomen while she poses for the camera did not go unnoticed.

It resulted to a social media chatter and curiosities of who the father may be. From there, websites started spreading rumors that she might be pregnant.

Adding fuel to the fire, Berry's avid followers expressed their opinions regarding the issue. It has been previously assumed that she is already pregnant during her appearance on VH1 show "Dear Mama." In line with this, the actress' representatives said in an interview, “It is completely untrue. She is not pregnant.”

Moreover, Berry remained in silence despite all the gossip. Instead, the veteran star posted a stunning photo on Instagram (of which is way too hot to be pregnant), asking for 'steak and fries.'

Career and Family

Berry is prominently known for her role as Catwoman. Meanwhile, she has a 9-year-old daughter named Nahla and a 3-year-old son named Maceo.

Nahla is the daughter of Berry's ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry while Maceo is the son of her ex-husband, Olivier Martinez. Her divorce with the latter was finalized in 2016. Before their unfortunate split, the ex-couple has stayed together for three years.

According to reports, the major reason for their separation is Martinez's temper. It can be recalled that the actor and former boxer was previously reported for pushing a LAX employee with a baby seat.

In addition, both parties' competitiveness has contributed a part in their split as well. An insider told US Weekly about the usual fights and competition between the couple.

As for her career, Berry was linked to star in the remake of "The Blob." It is a 1958 sci-fi classic starring Steve McQueen. Along with Halle Berry, "The Expendables 2" director Simon West is reported to helm the remake.

Furthermore, rumors also suggest the appearance of Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming film though this has not been confirmed.

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