One Love Manchester”, organized by Ariana Grande, made all Hollywood personalities join together for one great purpose. Sources told that Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus were one of the famous personalities who made their presence available during the event. Moreover, it seems like Justin Bieber made a huge mark during the tribute show as he honored the 22 fans that died during the Manchester Arena Attack.

Justin Bieber and his tearjerker speech

Fans were surprised as Justin Bieber showed his support to the victims of Manchester Attack through performing his hit songs during the “One Love Manchester”.

As people tried to control their tears and emotions, sources told that the Hollywood singer performed Cold Water and Love Yourself excellently.

He also brought in a speech that filled the arena with so many tears. Bieber still overwhelmed with what happened, urged everyone to fight the evil. Also, he reminded everyone that love will always win despite the struggles and trials that someone will face. Other than that, he admitted that Sunday has been an amazing day for every people as they unite together for one sole reason. As he stated:

“...What a better way to fight evil with evil than fight evil with good.”

Bieber shows some love and support

The Hollywood star also added that he is really honored to form part of the performers who could show their support in “One Love Manchester”.

In between his songs, Bieber blatantly expressed his plea to not let go of hope, love, and God. He also made a meaningful statement admitting that God is still good amidst the evil that is happening in this world. He then reminded the viewers that He loves everyone.

As he ends his set, Justin Bieber asked everyone to raise their hands to show their love and respect to those affected by the terror attack two weeks ago.

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He also showed some love and honor to the families of the victims as they battle against lost and emotional distress. He gave a specific time in honor of the people that is taken away from their loved ones.

Bieber’s Performance earned great praises

The performance of Justin Bieber during the “One Love Manchester” received great feedbacks and positive reviews from the online society.

Viewers admitted that the singer’s speech is heartfelt and sincere as it brought tears even to those who are not in the tribute show. Sources told that the Hollywood’s singer urgent plea to stop terrorism was really commendable.