Melania Trump has been accused by a novelist named Monica Byrne for having an affair with a head security officer at Tiffany’s and Co. According to the writer, Melania has been cheating even with the knowledge of her husband, Donald Trump for several years now.

In a report, Byrne urged the reporters to further look into her claims. Byrne added that the couple were ready to file a divorce but they had to negotiate the terms again after Donald Trump’s win. Her claims reportedly coincide with what a former White House staffer revealed in a tweet weeks ago saying that Donald and Melania were planning to get divorced before the election but the first lady did not pursue it after her husband won.

On May 21, Claude Taylor, who is an alleged staffer from the Clinton administration tweeted that Mainstream Media said that Melania and Donald Trump’s divorce papers were already signed on before the election but then Donald won.

The alleged White House staffer added that the divorce papers were already signed but never submitted for filing.

Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of the First Lady representative Stephanie Grisham denied the allegations made by the supposed White House Staffer.

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Twitter party against Melania Trump

Melania posted on her Twitter account on June 4 regarding her attendance at the Ford Theatre Gala in Washington, D.C., thanking everyone for their performances, adding that she enjoyed the evening event very much. The Twitter users mocked her and used her latest tweet to throw some shade at her.

Some users were quick to ask if her alleged boyfriend could not make it to the event. Some even sarcastically asked if she ever missed her lover who is working at Tiffany’s.

A lot of other comments also pointed out bad attitude at Melania for staying in New York, allegedly costing taxpayers more money just for her protection.

Are these cheating and divorce rumors all fake?

Despite the allegations, some people did not believe Byrne’s allegations as this could just be another move to throw muck at the U.S. President and his wife. Moreover, the White House and the persons involved in this matter have yet to respond.

Donald and Melania Trump’s divorce rumors have started swirling ever since Donald ran for presidency. These divorce rumors are most often considered to be fabricated. Some people even noted that Melania Trump’s cheating allegations may just all be fake too. Spokesperson Grisham already told media to reach out to the White House to fact check things right before they publish these rumors.