Netflix has officially announced on Monday that "Girlboss" will no be picked up for a second season. To recall, the American comedy series was closely based on the Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso's self-help book which starred Britt Robertson. Season one ended with thirteen episodes. It is also believed that the network's decision to cancel the series came just two months earlier.

Amoruso reacts to cancellation

After the news that American comedy series will be canceled, Amoruso took to Instagram and shared her feelings amid the cancellation. On her recent post, she wrote, "So that Netflix series about my life got canceled.

While I'm proud of the work we did, I'm looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out."

Amoruso also added that what they did was really a good show. In fact, she felt privilege for being part of the show. She was also happy to be able to work with incredible talents. However, she further revealed that living her life in a caricature for a span of two months was also a hard thing for her.

Amid the cancellation of the series, the network also renewed other shows like "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" for its fourth season. Meanwhile, "Sense8" has faced the same fate since it was also canceled after two seasons on the network, CBS News report says.

Content platform to cancel shows

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and founder, also revealed during the Code Conference that the content platform of the network hasn't canceled enough shows yet.

Hence, the "Girlboss" cancellation is just another series that they has added to their list.

Meanwhile, Hastings also revealed that their current hit ratio is way too high and thus, he continually pushes the content team to take a lot of risk lately. As he ended his statement, Hastings added, "You have to try more crazy things, because we should have a higher cancel rate overall."

To recall, early this month, Ted Sarandos, the Netflix chief content officer, also mentioned about pulling the plug on the series.

Hence, this goes to show that the cancellations plan for “Girlboss” has been in talks for quite several months already.

Meanwhile, Amoruso couldn't help but share her sentiments online. She admitted that it is very sad that their show is over. She also added that she has loved the show and has been very thankful for it all. Apparently, this show is the latest addition in the continuous cancellation of Netflix in the past few weeks.

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