Netflix axed the comedy series “Girlboss,” which stars Britt Robertson, after one season. The cancellation of the show followed after the streaming service network’s recent announcement of canceling shows like “Sense8” and “The Get Down.”

Created by “Pitch Perfect” writer Kay Cannon and directed by Christian Ditter, the show was base on a true-to-life story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. It followed the story of Amoruso (Britt Robertson) in the early 2000s which covered her life and rise to fame and discovery for the famous women’s clothing line, Nasty Gal.

Why it got canceled?

According to Deadline, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos discussed why the biggest streaming service network decided to cancel some of the shows. He reportedly said that performance and ratings are playing the bigger role.

“Relative to what you spent, are people watching it?” Sarandos told reporters in PGA’s conference. “When I say that, a big expensive show for a huge audience is great. A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard even in our model to make that work very long.”

The writer and showrunner of the show, Cannon also expressed her thoughts regarding the cancellation of “Gilrboss.” She said that she is proud to deliver her work and said she finds the show good and felt privileged to work with several people with incredible talent.

Amoruso also posted on her Instagram stories regarding the news, saying she loved the show and was feeling sad after it’s over.

Fans petitioned for “Girlboss season 2”

According to, some fans started to petition Netflix to get a renewal contract for “Girlbossseason 2. However, Netflix had decided not to renew it for good.

While fans and viewers knew that “Girlboss” is no longer returning, Bustle cited ways to follow the story of Sophia Amoruso and the Nasty Gal, which the story was all based on. Fans can read the books titled “Girlboss” and “Nasty Galaxy," which were written by Sophia Amoruso herself and they can also follow Amoruso on her Instagram account.

The fans could also re-watch the 13-episode series.

In real life, Amoruso sold out Nasty Gal out of bankruptcy to plc for $20 million last February, but she reportedly focused her attention on building the Girlboss brand.

More Netflix shows, canceled

Aside from “Girlboss,” Netflix announced that “The Get Down” and “Sense8” will no longer return for another season. According to Netflix founder Reed Hastings, the company will be investing into making riskier shows, meaning there are higher possibilities that more shows will be canceled if they don’t work. He also stated that he is pushing the content team of the network to take more risk and try out more crazy things.