The fate of "Girl Meets World" season 4 has been gloomy ever since Disney aired the final episode of season 3. Disney has announced that they will not be renewing the "Boy Meets World" spinoff for another season, disappointing the fans and loyal followers of the series. The series cancellation did not necessarily come out as a shock for the fans as there were already major hints that the network won't be renewing the series. Season 3 was already in mid-season yet there were no spoilers or teasers for the next season.That was when speculations about non-renewal started to circulate on social media.

That said, the worst case scenario really happened, as Disney formally announced that they will no longer be producing "Girl Meets World" season 4. While the news disappointed the fans, some were vigilant enough to take the initiative to start an online petition to for "GMW" season 4.

New season, new network

According to reports, the showrunners of the defunct Disney series are aware of the clamor for a season renewal. Now that Disney has decided to cut ties with the "Boy Meets World" spinoff, the showrunners are reportedly looking for a new home where Riley and Maya's story can continue.

Fans have long been suggesting that the series be transferred to either Freeform or Netflix. The two networks are considered to be very viable homes for "Girl Meets World" season 4 since it caters to more mature viewers unlike Disney Channel, who has to maintain a wholesome and kid-friendly image in their choice of shows and TV series.

Series creator, Michael Jacobs, on the process of lobbying 'GMW' season 4 to other networks

According to reports, the creator of "Girl Meets World," Michael Jacobs, is currently lobbying the series to other networks. This has given the fans hope that they will be able to see Riley, Maya, Lucas and the rest of the "GMW" gang on another network.

The possible continuation of the series is good news for the fans, especially for those who considered the former Disney series as their growing-up buddy. Admittedly, the maturing plot of the series might have been one of the main reasons why Disney decided to cancel the show. The plot has been playing around with Riley and Maya's love interest, even infusing a love triangle that tested their friendship. Hopefully, Jacobs will close a network deal with a network soon so that "Girl Meets World" season 4 can finally push through.