Fans are constantly hoping George R.R. Martin will release new reports and information regarding “The Winds Of Winter but Martin said there are not much updates to tell but he assured them that he will prioritize the book over any other books he authored.

In a recent blog post by the 68-year-old famous author, he stated that there are plenty of things he needs to work right now, revealing that aside from “The Winds Of Winter” and its seventh volume book, “A Dream of Spring,” he is also busy with other projects. He was reportedly tapped to work for the “Game of Thrones” spin-offs announced by HBO.

Martin will need to work closely with the pre-production staff regarding the new spin-off series.

“The Winds of Winter” vs “Wild Cards”

Martin reportedly said that the “Wild Cards” is dear to him. He also added that he wanted to work again for the series to revisit old characters and tell new stories.

"Truth be told, I'd love nothing better than to write some more Wild Cards stories ... and I have stories to tell," George R.R. Martin said in his blog.

Despite this, he made it clear to his fans that working on his dearest book “Wild Cards” is still impossible for him. He added that he may need to wait until he actually finished “The Winds of Winter” and as well as “Dream of Spring.”

In the same blog post, Martin also addressed the disappointments of the fans for the lack of updates regarding the much-awaited sixth sequel of his “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series.

Martin said he can update them weekly but he will only say things like, “Still working on it… not done yet.”

Will the book be finished?

More than six years have passed but “The Winds of Winter” is still not available for reading. Fans are already itching to get updates a the d latest story of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” but a written report by Winter is Coming noted some of the fans’ queries.

In the report, the fans noted how long it took Martin to write the next sequel of the novel, which leads to their assumption that the book series would never be completed. Fans are speculating that Martin might not live long to finish the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. But, Martin replied to these fans’ speculations saying he hopes to live another thirty years in order to write more thirty books.

For now, George R.R. Martin reportedly busy writing the sixth book of the famous series. He did not reveal the official release date of “The Winds of Winter" but fans are hopeful it will be out sooner than later.