It has been an interesting two years for "General Hospital" fans. Ron Carlivati moved on from the show and Jean Passanate and Michelle (Shelly) Altman took over. This was right around the time Tony Geary retired the role of Luke Spencer. Since then, things have gotten more intense on the show and the opinions from fans have been voiced over and over again. The next few months will be crucial for how things play out as there will be a change on "General Hospital" no one anticipated.

'General Hospital' writer retires

According to Soap Hub, Jean Passanate has decided to retire from "General Hospital" sometime in August.

That leaves approximately two months before things will be changing with the writers. As of now, news about Shelly Altman is unclear. No word has been announced regarding her decision to stay on or move along when Passanate leaves in August. Fans are concerned about how this will change things, especially since several are unhappy with some of what has happened under their reign.

The destruction of "Julexis" (Julian and Alexis) is something that has really eaten at fans. This couple has a huge social media following, and they were devastated when the writers chose to pit them against each other and give Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) a drinking problem. Julian (William deVry) was under the control of Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) and despite having pulled a knife on his wife (which was completely out of character), he still loves her.

Right now, things are up in the air with this couple and the next few months are crucial in deciding where they are headed.

Who will replace Jean Passanate?

"General Hospital" fans can rest easy knowing that Ron Carlivati will not return. This is also good news for Sonny fans as Maurice Benard has voiced his distaste for the former writer shortly after he left.

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Carlivati is over at "Days of Our Lives" now so he is out. There has not been any talk about replacements on the official level yet, but fans are already throwing names in the ring. Some are very adamant the hospital become the main focus while others like the mob scene thrown in there.

The way this is handled is crucial for viewers.

Numbers have been down for "General Hospital" viewers and with the way things have been going, it could bring more heartache for fans if things aren't passed into the right hands. There is concern about the show changing hands, and without much information available, everyone seems to be winging it.