Over the last 48 hours, comedian Kathy Griffin has come under fire for posting a photo of herself posing with a mock decapitated head of Donald Trump. In the aftermath, liberals and conservatives have been waging their own war on social media, with actor George Takei highlighting a kink in one right-wing talking point.

Takei on Trump

It's no secret that Donald Trump and celebrities out in Hollywood are not on the same page when it comes to politics. When Trump launched his campaign for president, he instantly got off on the wrong foot with Hollywood stars when he referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." In the two years that the former host of "The Apprentice" has been a politician, Hollywood celebrities have taken various routes to express their opinion of Trump and his agenda.

While Trump has been the butt of a joke for many comedians and other sources of comedy, like "Saturday Night Live," Bill Maher, and late-night talk show hosts, Kathy Griffin appeared to cross the line by posting the aforementioned beheading image. Trump and his supporters quickly spoke out, with the president claiming his 11-year-old son believed the photo was actually real and that his father was killed. After losing sponsors and her job hosting CNN's New Year's Eve special, Griffin apologized at a press conference on Friday. While most conservatives, and many liberals, weren't impressed with her apology, George Takei decided to point out the hypocrisy during a June 2 tweet.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday was George Takei who offered his thoughts on the Kathy Griffin controversy.

Not long after the initial image surfaced, Takei spoke out and condemned the picture, tweeting, "That sort of behavior, that sort of message, isn't acceptable in any setting."

In addition, however, George Takei decided to cite musician Ted Nugent and his past comments about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton where he hinted that the two Democratic politicians should be killed.

"Let's not forget: Ted Nugent has repeated his call for Hillary Clinton to be hanged," Takei tweeted out, along with an image of the rock star shaking hands with Donald Trump at the White House. "No outrage from the Trumps? None?," Takei went on to rhetorically ask.

Nugent backtracks

In response to the calls that his past remarks were similar to the image posted by Kathy Griffin, Ted Nugent decided to call into Fox News to explain himself.

"I did not threaten anybody’s life," Nugent said, appearing to contradict his comments in the past. Nugent went on to say that he was simply using metaphors, and that Griffin "came out with symbolism that was truly vile."