Kiki has had a rough week on ABC's "General Hospital" and it is likely going to affect her new relationship with Dillon Quartermaine. These two lovebirds have been doing great ever since Kiki chose to move on with her life after Morgan's death. Now her life has exploded once again and her guy will suffer along with her. Will she turn away from Dillon just when she needs him the most?

Kiki's happiness takes a backseat

Kiki's world was full of a promising future just a few days ago. She and Dillon were getting closer than ever and she found a job at "General Hospital," which led her to go to school to be able to work in the mental health field.

Her experience with Morgan's bipolar disorder helped to make her decision. Her future looked brighter than ever. But, of course, that is usually the clue on a soap that things are about to fall apart.

Ava Jerome is now lying in a hospital bed badly burned from the warehouse fire and Kiki is having very mixed feelings on her mother's terrible secret of switching Morgan's pills. She is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Ava did it because of her. She doesn't want to see her at all right now, but "General Hospital" spoilers down the road says that she may be forced to help her mother as part of her job.

Will Dillon wait?

Dillon Quartermaine has fought hard for Kiki's affections.

After Morgan died, she didn't want anything to do with him, as she felt she was betraying her former flame. That had finally changed. However, it looks like Kiki may once again walk away from their relationship. Her focus right now is on what her mother did, and she now feels guilty about it.

On Friday's episode, both Sonny and Carly told her that what Ava did was not her fault at all.

It was nice to see Carly comforting Kiki. Carly is great with Avery, and it looks like she may bring Kiki into the fold as well. What about Dillon? Her guilt over Morgan's death will rear it's ugly head again, which will end up pushing him away when he could be the one comforting her. Will he wait for her this time?

Ava's condition is bad

"General Hospital" spoilers hint that Kiki and her uncle Julian will be making some decisions in the coming days about Ava. Friday's episode left off as Sonny was standing over her sounding like he was going to finish her off. However, he may just decide to walk away knowing that she will be suffering by her own hands now. He still wants her to be gone and would not be sorry if she died after all. However, Carly may start feeling a little bad about what happened, despite turning a blind eye to what Sonny may do to Ava at the hospital.

What do you think the future holds for Kiki and Dillon now?

Will they ever be happy for very long? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" this coming week to see if Ava makes it through.

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