On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Dante, Lulu, and Charlotte were at the Quartermaine mansion watching Olivia as she tried on her wedding gown. Charlotte makes a statement that may cause Dante and Lulu to make a change in order to please and help her feel more like she is part of the family.

Charlotte misses her papa

Dante and Lulu have done everything they can to let Charlotte know they love her. The little girl is getting used to them and having Rocco as a little brother. There is one thing, however, that the Falconeri's cannot change, and that is the fact that Charlotte missed her papa, Valentin.

Olivia, however, may have opened a door for her step-granddaughter to feel more at home as she gets used to her new family.

As the Falconeri's were waiting for Olivia to emerge wearing the dress she will be married in, Charlotte remarked that the Quartermaine mansion looks a lot like the home she shared with her papa. It was a statement in a fleeting moment and no one commented on it but the child's observation may just give her a new home. Ned and Olivia and little Leo will be living in the mansion with Monica but they are not enough to fill it with the love and laughter it needs. Moving in could help Charlotte not to grieve so much for her papa.

Can Charlotte adjust to the changes

The apartment where Dante and Lulu live really cannot accommodate their family now that they have Charlotte to care for.

The cramped quarters are also a big change from the life the little girl had with Valentin. Moving into the mansion would give the Falconeri family more space and also allow Charlotte to live in the manner in which she has been accustomed to for the last several months. On a policeman's salary, Dante probably is not in a position to upgrade their housing.

Charlotte commenting on the Quartermaine abode looking like the one she shared with her father may have been completely innocent. Her family may only have been at the Q's to give their opinion on Olivia's wedding gown, period. On the other hand, what Charlotte said may be the first hint that once again, fans will see laughter and love in the home that Alan gave to his spouse.

A blue collar family residing in the mansion and Olivia Falconeri as the lady of the manor would never have worked in days gone by. Dante and Lulu and their children in the Quartermain mansion would make sense and solve a few issues. This would be the perfect way to obtain more living space for their children without their having to increase a monthly rent payment. It also may help Charlotte to not miss her papa so much.