During the Nurses Ball on "General Hospital" Sonny and Carly find out that Ava is responsible for their son Morgan's death. Ava switched Morgan's medication for sugar pills. She thought he would spin out of control and his parents would have him committed. This way he would be out of her daughter Kiki's life. Unfortunately, Morgan stole a car that was wired with a bomb and he died. Now a situation has come up where it seems that Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos have left the mother of Sonny's little girl to die.

Ava is confronted and looses it

On Friday Sonny and Carly confront Ava and she runs away.

They go after her and find her in the warehouse for her art gallery. Heated words are exchanged and eventually, Ava admits what she did to Morgan. On Monday Ava turns the tables by placing the blame on Morgan's parents. She tells them they were at fault for not getting him help and having him committed when his behavior became erratic.

When Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos put up a united front and don't fall for her ploy Ava throws a lantern towards the couple and it causes a fire. She says that none of them will get out alive. She pulls a gun on Sonny and Carly and they dare her to shoot as they make it out the door. The duo runs for their lives leaving little Avery's mother behind. Ava tries to escape through a different exit but is unable to fit.

She screams for her baby daddy and his soon to be ex-wife to come back and help her and not let her die.

Sonny and Carly join forces again

Carly hears Ava's cries and tells Sonny they cannot let her die. He says if they go back all 3 of them will perish and tells Carly to call 911. She does and Sonny's son Donte is the officer who shows up with the paramedics.

Donte wants to know why his father and stepmother are in the warehouse of a woman they hate. Sonny tells him there was an argument and that Ava started the fire. At that moment paramedics bring Avery's mother out and she is barely clinging to life. As Sonny and Carly try to leave Donte says they must go to the police station and give official statements.

Donte loves his father and stepmother but he knows they cannot be trusted. They have gone from battling over property in a bitter divorce settlement case to now being joined at the hip. Sonny and Carly, have now teamed up and Donte knows they are hiding something. He knows they will stick to their story and not crack under pressure. Even so, the police detective must get to the bottom of why they were in the warehouse with Ava. And find out if indeed they left her to die.