The Internet went wild in 2016 when paparazzi posted stolen shots of actor Orlando Bloom in a naked paddleboard romp in Italy. The frenzy could have been twice because Bloom invited his girlfriend, singer Katy Perry, in the nude water adventure in, but she declined his invitation.

The “Roar” singer explained she was not in the mood to bare when her boyfriend invited her for the naked paddleboard romp when they were in Sardinia last summer. The photos showed the actor remove his swimming trunks, while Katy kept her yellow and green bikini, Yibada reported.

Naked on private yacht

The 32-year-old, however, is not a prude.

She revealed that she did go bare later when she and Orlando were aboard a private yacht, The New York Daily News reported. Although at that time the couple was unaware photographers were stalking them, Katy’s caution paid off.

Two months after the incident, Bloom said he would not have gone naked paddleboard romping if he was aware paparazzi were waiting for him to show his backside and manhood which were captured on film and shared online. He told Elle U.K. in April since he had been photographed so many times in different ways, he has a good radar when it comes to paparazzi, except that summer in Sardinia.

Saving it for the boat

Orlando shared they were completely alone for five days. “There was no way anyone could get anything. I had a moment of feeling free,” the actor explained.

Or so, he thought.

Like other couples who are with their lovers, Katy said she was also excited to try and make out with Orlando when they were in Sardinia, the singer said on the “Kylie & Jackie O” radio show in Australia. “He asked me if I wanted to be (naked).” At that moment, her answer was “Oh, nah,” she recalled, but Katy added, “And I was just not in the mood.

I saved it for the boat!”

After one year of dating, the couple broke up in February. Katy went into another controversy in March when she admitted at the 2017 Human Rights Commission Gala in Los Angeles that she kissed other girls out of curiosity. She grappled with inner turmoil over what she did because of her upbringing since Katy is the daughter of Christian pastors.

Orlando was reported to be dating actress Nina Dobrev in April. News of the two dating did not surprise their friends because "The Pirates of the Caribbean" actor and "The Vampire Diaries" star have a good platonic relationship even if they were in relationships with other celebrities.

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