New spoilers for "General Hospital" reveal that Griffin will finally meet the new love of his life. He will keep an eye on someone who is new in town. Further, spoilers also reveal that the hunky father will spend some time with Ava and it further teases that she will become obsessed with the healer. As Griffin casts his eyes on a new woman, the viewers will finally meet this attractive lady -- Serena Baldwin.

Serena heads back to Port Charles

As "General Hospital" continues, spoilers reveal that Serena is making her way back to the town of Port Charles.

She will finally return to the town following the charges that her dad faced after he helped Ava. Scott Baldwin, Serena's father, was the man who helped Ava hide her crimes. In line with this, Scott might be facing his own charges as what he did for Ava was an outright crime.

Such a situation will bring Serena back to town. As she arrives in Port Charles, Griffin is treating Ava, so of course, it is very possible that Serena might meet him at the hospital. Meanwhile, Scott will be lurking around Ava's hospital too and eventually, Serena will arrive. If it happens so, Griffin will finally make his move on this attractive woman.

Destiny seems to be against Ava right now as she has been confined in the ICU.

Griffin will be featured wearing a doctor's coat as he enters her room. He will pray that somehow she will continue to work on saving her life.

A new romance

Apart from the situation that Ava is facing right now, "General Hospital" spoilers mainly revolve around the new romance is about to start. There will be a sigh of relief from fans as Serena gets the chance to finally meet Griffin.

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To recall, Serena used to live in Paris together with her sister Christina Baldwin. It has been a long time since she made her way to Port Charles; however, new circumstances have brought her there.

Fans are looking forward to Serena and Griffin finally getting to be together. Their pairing will be a lot better compared to Griffin and Ava.

During previous spoilers, it was revealed that Griffin would fall in love with Ava; but that scenario left everyone horrified. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reminds fans that "Ava is also sister to the man that killed Griffin’s father so while he has no problem caring for Ava as a doctor, a romance between them would be very complicated."

What do you think about Serena’s return? Do you think she’s the perfect romantic partner for Griffin? It looks like "General Hospital" will be a very romantic episode this week.