"General Hospital" viewers will see an intense downfall this week. spoilers reveal that Costa will make a return to Port Charles in order to fulfill the final orders of Helena. There is a hint that Jake will be in trouble. Meanwhile, Jason and Liz will try to help him get rid of the risk; however, everyone in the ball will be in danger, too.

To recall, Helena has ordered Jake to activate the Chimera Project. Jake is under her spell and programming. Meanwhile, Costa's job is to personally deliver the magic set to Jake. In return, Jake is set to follow these orders; however, he will try to fight against the hallucination which tries to bully him.

Spoilers also reveal that Jason and Liz will help him overcome the voice of Helena which tries to control him.

Helena's final orders

If the Chimera project is activated, everyone will face a great deal of trouble. With this, Jake will no longer follow the orders of Helena. Hence, Costa will be sent back to Port Charles in order to punish him. Further, if Jake won't follow Helena's command, everyone in Port Charles will have to pay for the consequences.

Meanwhile, Costa has been working for Helena for many years. He knows everything about the Chimera and where she bought it from. Actually, Helena got it from Valentin Cassadine. To recall, he was shot by some bad guys and it was stolen from him. Further, spoilers hint that Jason will focus more on the gunmen and he will not notice that Costa is coming.

Valentin's life at stake?

As the episode continues, spoilers reveal that Costa will eventually find out that Valentin is stopping Jake from triggering the Chimera project. Because of this, Costa wants to punish him and his life will be in danger. Further, spoilers reveal that Valentin will be shot and he will end up in the hospital.

There is also a possibility for him to go to jail after being accused of selling the Chimera to Helena.

However, he has no interest in the jail issue. Instead, Valentin is after of his daughter, Lulu. Valentin wants to save his life and his daughter. For a long time, Valentin has not paid much attention to Lulu. Now, he will do everything to keep her safe and he will pay all his attention to her.

Further, as Jake disobeyed Helena's order, she will send everyone in Port Charles her final message.

She will a send message of revenge from her grave. However, spoilers reveal that Jason and Valentin seem to defeat Costa and Helena this time.

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