Doomfist is now officially the newest hero of the popular first person shooter game "Overwatch." However, it appears that he was initially conceptualized along with his abilities and kit during the game's early development.

Early development concept

According to lead writer Michael Chu, Doomfist was already a conceptualized hero along with his abilities and kit long before he was introduced. His conceptualization dates back as early as the beginning of the game itself. The concept started in the first cinematic of the game where Talon and former operatives battle over the gauntlet.

From there, it became immediately obvious that fans were really intrigued and interested to see and get their hands on the gauntlet wielding hero in the game. Chu added that another version of the hero was then conceptualized during the last phase of finalizing the list of heroes that will be launched along with the game's release. Unfortunately, the Nigerian hero did not make it to the list.

Orisa was the hero's counterpoint

According to US Battle Net, the game's lead writer further shared that Orisa was built to counterpoint Doomfist. Efi Oladale's hero is equipped with some abilities that would counter the latest game hero's abilities. Orisa's Fortify restricts Doomfist from knocking her off.

In addition, her Halt deflects short-range abilities of any in-game hero. According to Chu, before actually releasing Doomfist, they wanted to introduce another tank hero to the game.

He further said that it is their fondness for heroes with connected stories that triggered Orisa's concept as someone that could link to the story of Doomfist.

As a result, the story of Efi Oladale's creation was not really altered as it is intended to be related to the 25th hero. There is much more to discover about the lore in the game. The Talon organization seems to be a rich source of information that will expand along with the introduction of other heroes in the game.

Patch 1.13

Meanwhile, along with the launching of the game's 25th hero on the game's live servers is also the release of other updates that fans have long been anticipating. With the latest update, Blizzard has made changes in the drop rate of the lootboxes as well as its credits. The game developer also introduced new features to the Highlight System of the game. Additionally, the crosshair option can now be customized to the player's liking.

Fans are currently waiting for more information about the return of Summer Games in "Overwatch." In several leaks that were previously reported, it was revealed that the game’s summer event might be released after Doomfist's arrival.