In "The Originals," the Mikaelson survived for the last thousand years, not because of their power. They still stand sturdy until now because of their faith, love, and Hope. Their family will continue to be bound by these to ensure that they will surpass the countless more challenges they will have to face.

Locked away

The most recent episode of "The Originals," shows that Elijah was locked inside a pendant and trapped deep down in his subconscious while his body is starting to decay in a coffin. In this state, he is almost dead. Freya is finding ways to get inside the pendant to find Elijah. As soon as she gets into the pendant, she must wait for the perfect time for Elijah's mind to become stable before getting him back.

Elijah will be a totally different person if Freya will pull him out while he is in a state that he is trying to forget. Freya needs to enhance her power in order to hold the spell while finding Elijah. This moment might be the time to call Hope for a help. Hayley was hesitant at first to involve Hope in this kind of situation. However, her daughter also wanted to help and assured her that she is not afraid.

The witch problem

A serial witch murderer is invading the New Orleans in the tenth episode of "The Originals." Everyone is alarmed for she is killing the flowers through her essence. One of her victims is Sofya. Josh said there is an antidote but it needs a Hollow's blood in order to reverse the spell. To have a greater chance to have it done, they need the help of Mikaelsons.

However, Marcel is not in favor in teaming up with them.

Fighting for life

Rebekah and Kol are going to rescue for Klaus. They roamed around New Orleans to extinguish the weapon that has the ability to cause their extinction. A witch captured by Kol spilled out that the ancestors are back, of which he has no idea. Klaus told him that Davina is leading to the dark side but Kol did not mind it.

Rebekah and Klaus came across Marcel as the two continued their search for other stakes. They hammered Marcel for his idea that he could survive fighting alone against the Hollows.

The latter did not mind their mocking but he instead came into thinking that Rebekah and Kol are searching for the stakes and the magic of Hallow is in there. He badly needs one in order for Sofya to survive.

On the other hand, Rebekah explained to him that the last stake must be found to save the family. Marcel is ready and will do anything to find it first. The plot thickens as "The Originals," moves on to the next episode.

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