"Fear the Walking Dead" recently shocked fans when a beloved character was killed off. Travis Manawa was one of the show's main characters and a lot of fans find his death hard to understand because he is considered the rock that many depend on. The executive producer explained why Travis had to die in "Fear The Walking Dead" season 3 episode 2.

Fans hoped that the Travis' death was not really real. Travis was shot while in a helicopter, and he realized that he could either die due to loss of blood or shock. To keep everyone else from getting killed, he decided to jump off.

The showrunner of the series confirmed that it's not a fake-out and his death has a huge purpose. Executive producer Dave Erickson said that his death has something to do with morality and that it's going to drive the other main characters in a "very specific way."

Travis is the 'moral compass' of the series

Deadline reported that at the Austin’s ATX television festival the cast spoke about season 3. Erickson said that a huge part of "Fear The Walking Dead" season 3 is about morality. He added that the reason why Travis had to be killed off early is because he is the "moral compass" of the show, and his death is going to make everyone, especially Madison, double down on the "cruel elements" of the apocalypse and what they need to do in order to survive and she will take control.

The Clarks will try to group together

Erickson said that the direct result of Travis' death will be of course on the Clark family and that they will try to regroup. "Fear The Walking Dead" season 3 will show how Madison, Alicia, and Nick will be emotionally affected. Madison will do everything in her power to protect the kids.

The Clark family will try their best for Travis' death to not have been in vain. However, knowing how the show is, many fans think it's only going to get even worse for the Clarks.

Actress Kim Dickens says that her character is going to go pretty dark this season and that is because of Travis' death. She added that Madison will become "merciless" in doing what she needs to do to save her family and herself.

She added that Madison and her family are going to "dirty themselves a bit." This is going to be a big challenge for her character, she added.

Meanwhile, Alicia is dealing with guilt because she was there during Travis' death. She is the one who will break the news to her family and it's not going to be an easy job. She is carrying a great burden and she feels like she owes it to her family to support them, especially Madison. "Fear The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.