Some were fine about it, but most viewers did not like the idea of having to turn the subtitles on for the latest episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" which aired on Sunday. Apparently, the brains behind the post-apocalyptic horror series have decided to air a Spanish-language episode to mark its 100th broadcast since the show premiered on August 23, 2015.

What's the reason behind airing a non-English episode?

"Fear the Walking Dead" creator Dave Erickson candidly said it was reasonable to produce a Spanish-language broadcast considering that last Sunday's episode was all about Daniel Salazar coming into contact with Mexicans.

He added that it would only appear off if they had let Ruben Blades' character speak in English in a Spanish-speaking country.

Erickson is hoping that viewers will understand their decision to air a non-English episode, which is to give justice to what the broadcast was all about. He added that the idea only "made sense", and neither he nor the network has expressed any concern for the subbed installment.

However, despite this explanation, countless fans of "The Walking Dead" prequel have expressed their disappointment over the "100" episode. Most of them have called out the production team to air an English version of Sunday's broadcast, while others defended the show for its Spanish Language broadcast.

The return of Daniel Salazar

"Fear the Walking Dead" fans saw the death of Ruben Blades' character in the midseason finale of the previous installment.

However, to everyone's surprise, the Salvadoran refugee was brought back to life during last week's episode, titled "TEOTWAWKI."

Apparently, Daniel Salazar has managed to dig his way out of the burning cellar and even made it to Tijuana where he was saved by Efrain (Jesse Borrego). He also received some help from Lisandra Tena's character as Lola.

When asked about his "death" in the series, Ruben Blades admitted he knew something was in store for his character considering how they supposedly end him in Season 2.

However, despite this speculation, the actor was still surprised when the team formally told him that he was coming back in "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3. Blades added that his character will have a lot of things to consider before he can actually carry out his next move. Yet, one thing has remained constant to him, his commitment to find Ofelia and keep her safe.

"If he became important enough he could have a whole group of people he could use to fan out and search for Ofelia as opposed to doing it on his own. He was thinking of those things, but he hasn’t lost site of his main goal," the actor told Variety.