Last weekend, reality TV fans were surprised to find out that ABC halted production of the anticipated fourth season of "Bachelor in Paradise," which was set to premiere this August. News of alleged "sexual misconduct" arose via the network's official statement, which did not offer any more details as to who was involved in the investigation. However, sources close to the production named Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson as the two cast members in question. In the week that followed, both cast members released separate statements, with Olympios claiming that she was a "victim" in the situation, and Jackson defiant in the hope of redeeming himself and clearing his name from all the allegations being thrown at him.

Corrine Olympios was too intoxicated to remember anything from that night

The "Bachelor in Paradise" set has an open bar, with cast members free to have as little or as many drinks as they can stomach. However, during this particular night, it seemed that Corrine Olympios had one too many to drink. E! News reported that a source said that Olympios "blacked out" during the night in question from having too much to drink. According to the source, Olympios did remember two servings of champagne while on the way to the set, as well as a martini and one or two shots of tequila. Because the reality TV star didn't have much to eat, the alcohol hit her hard, causing her to eventually black out.

Olympios suffered some injuries from being too drunk

E! News source also shared that "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant Corrine Olympios had also fallen and injured her knee while intoxicated, causing some bruises on her legs. She also reportedly fell face-first into the jacuzzi, TMZ reported. Given this new information, it is a bit off that producers did not intervene, given that Olympios may very well have "blacked out" during the night in question.

According to some participants, producers always kept the cast members' safety a priority, and that they were never forced to consume alcohol or do things against their will.

Reality TV star may be in conflict with a producer

According to the E! News source, Corrine Olympios has already spoken to the producer who spoke out about the "sexual misconduct" allegations, but the producer is maintaining his or her distance and has even deleted their social media accounts and remains unreachable via 'phone. "Bachelor in Paradise" is currently suspended, with no word on whether the network will decide to move forward with another set of contestants for its fourth season.