Over the past few weeks, Media Outlets all over the globe have concentrated on Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. The former contenders on the iconic Reality Show Bachelor in Paradise are the focal points in a vulgar sex scandal that quickly prohibited anymore filming of the television program. According to Yahoo News, one of the producers of the show provided a statement on the matter. The anonymous tip mentioned that the clear proof behind the show’s suspension greatly revolves around creator Warner Horizon and the ABC Network’s involvement in the horrific scene that took place and ended in sexual assault.

The show’s producers noted that one of the reasons why the show ended was because of an intoxicated excursion went way too far. They emphatically mentioned that the genuine reason behind ABC and Warner ceasing production lies with the disappointment that they have for themselves and the group of contestants.

From the producer's perspective

The creator of the reality show, who spoke to media outlets in secrecy, laid out why the asserted sexual offence is particularly surprising to everyone. The impetuous scene in question has many uncertain outcomes, for both ABC and its producers.

The individual stated that their worry about this circumstance is that the female victim was too inebriated to make reasonable decisions.

Directors kept filming the whole ordeal, and that’s why the circumstances are considered exceptionally abnormal: they continued recording while the sexual attack took place and they failed to intervene.

The executive commented that, when someone discusses rape, it's quite often when only two individuals are alone. The situation turns into a circumstance of his word versus hers.

That isn’t the case in this reality show, however. Not only was someone witnessing what occurred, but they also filmed everything that happened and everything that paved the way to what happened.

The director stated that they kept in mind that there are contracts that protect the companies from anything that may occur with the contestants while they are on the show.

Those legal agreements could become null and void or even tried in court if the producers allowed one of the contestants to get hurt due to their reckless behavior. The anonymous informant closed their remarks with saying that the contracts are the indisputable evidence as to why they stopped filming their reality TV production.