"The Bachelorette" can be fun to watch because it's sweet for two people to find love with one another in front of the universe. But it can also be fun to watch because of the comedy - both intentional and unintentional - that comes with these competition shows. One of those moments came during Monday night's episode when contestants were forced to go through a spelling bee of sorts. Eric did not make out too well during this portion of the competition.

Eric puts up a "physde"

Rachel Lindsay is a pretty smart woman, so it should serve as no surprise that she wants to fall in love with someone intellectual.

None of the competitors on "The Bachelorette" need to be intellectuals to spell some relatively basic words, though, as they were tasked with doing during Monday night's episode. One of the bigger softballs was tossed to Eric, who was asked to spell 'facade.' Not the world's easiest word, but it's fairly common to see, so spelling it shouldn't have been too hard.

Eric missed the mark. Instead of spelling it 'f-a-c-a-d-e,' he spelled it 'p-h-y-s-d-e.' Not sure how he came to that spelling, though he almost spelled "Phys. Ed," which counts for something. The whole spelling bee was kind of odd, as some contestants clearly received more difficult words than others. It's almost like ABC was trying to rig "The Bachelorette" to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

Another one leaves "The Bachelorette"

Despite the results of the spelling bee, the only results that really matter related to the night's final act: the call-out order. For the second time in four episodes, Dean earned a rose during a date, cementing his status as a contender for Rachel's heart. Diggy and Bryce were among those to be booted from "The Bachelorette" during the first portion of the episode.

The drama between the contestants left other eliminations unsaid for the time being, though.

Either way, Eric the personal trainer lives on. He has a unique personality and isn't afraid to speak his mind. It's hard to get a sense of whether or not he is a contender at the moment, but he certainly is a pretender to the extent other contestants on "The Bachelorette" are.

He has a legitimate shot at stealing Rachel's heart by the time this cycle of the show is over. He may not be able to spell like a champion, but he can still be one in a couple of months as long as he keeps his head on a swivel and continues to speak his mind positively.