"Fargo" season 3 ended on Wednesday, with the last scene showing Gloria with an enigmatic smile that led to a hundred meanings and opportunities. Varga was left to believe that he was about to be freed from the DHS holding facility by someone with greater power than Gloria.

Meanwhile, Gloria was busy trying to get answers from Varga, as she tries to look at the bright side of the situation, convincing herself that what she's getting might be something related to delayed justice. While Varga and Gloria are left in an unspoken tug of war, other characters of "Fargo" encountered unpleasant events in the finale.

Some characters were lashed out with vengeance, while some simply encountered inevitable tragedies and accidents.

Overall, the Finale of "Fargo" season 3 couldn't be tagged as a happy ending, but that's just the way the series goes. In the first place, it was not to meant to be a comedy or a feel-good series, to begin with.

Series creator, Noah Hawley, discusses topsy-turvy season

According to The Hollywood Reporter, they were able to catch Noah Hawley at the ATX TV Festival in Austin and talked about the seemingly topsy-turvy fate of "Fargo" season 3. For the duration of the season, the series was a mix of vengeance, dark political mishaps, raw and emotional scenes.

To say that the viewers got their emotions on a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. While Noah Hawley admitted that there were a lot of hidden Easter eggs in the series, from the set design down to the pen names of some characters, he admitted that they were all just so subtly placed as he did not want the audience to be distracted.

Varga vs. Gloria

The last scene of "Fargo" season 3 finale episode was considered to be the most potent and powerful among all scenes because it was making the viewers guess and take sides on who's going to end up as the winner. The viewers were left to their imaginations as to whether the ending would be good or bad.

Noah Hawley admitted that it definitely took a lot of takes to capture Gloria's enigmatic smile, a facial expression that construed a lot of meaning and possibilities.

The five-year time jump indicated on the finale was also reluctantly confirmed by Hawley to bring the setting to present time. He initially said that he didn't actually do the math and simply put "five years later." As of writing, "Fargo" season 4 renewal remains pending as Noah Hawley admitted that he's also busy with his other FX series, "Legion."

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