"General Hospital" Spoiler Alerts indicates that Maxie Jones is back in action. According to Celebirtylaundry.com, Maxie will speak without thinking and set off a ripple effect that may end her marriage. All that time away from her husband could also send him into the waiting arms of Amy.

Amy's part in the drama

Amy is a relatively new character on "General Hospital." She is GH nurse who is chatty and gossipy much like Amy Vinning who was on the show decades ago. Amy has been spending time with Nathan while his wife Maxie has been working in Portland.

She has filled him in on the fact that Maxie bullied her in school. Amy has been taking liberties where Nathan is concerned and now finds herself in a hot mess. She began an advice column entitled "Man Landers" and used Nathan's photo. In truth, it is Amy who is dishing out all the advice.

Now Amy is being asked to produce "Man Landers" and Nathan wants nothing to do with it. Spoilers indicate that when Maxie returns she will spill the beans that "Man" is really Amy. There will allegedly be a heated exchange between the two women and Nathan is supposed to be so troubled by this side of his wife's personality that their marriage may be in big trouble.

Can Maxie and Nathan survive this and move on?

Because Maxie was so mean to Amy in high school the nurse felt compelled to share it with her spouse Nathan. Amy actually has been getting a little too familiar with Maxie's husband. Now she has him in the middle of her deception regarding the advice column. The spoilers indicate that when Maxie exposes the truth that her husband is not writing the advice, he will be embarrassed.

This will only add insult to injury.

Maxie has been away from her husband and her marriage for close to 5 months. He has been bonding with Amy and listening to her tales of woe about the bully his wife had been in high school. The shame of Man Landers being exposed might push Nathan to the point of no return. He already feels that his wife chose her career over their marriage.

He sees for himself the selfishness that Amy has spoken of. If Maxie comes back and starts in on Amy, Nathan just might take the side of his new friend.

Certainly, there is the possibility for Nathan and his wife to survive all that has transpired during the last few months. He can forgive her and decide to work things out, but Amy has to go. There is no way this couple can move on with Nurse Amy hovering around. Spoiler Alerts indicate that "General Hospital" fans are divided. Some want Nathan and Maxie back together but for others, it's too much too little too late and they want Nathan to move on. Not many viewers, however, desire to see Nathan with Amy.