“EastEnders” spoilers for next week hint 'Abi Branning' (played by Lorna Fitzgerald) sets her sights on Steven Beale (Aaron Sidwell) for more mischief. What Abi does next is much, much worse than when she tricked Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) with her faux pregnancy. It turns out Abi wants seconds of sex with Steven even though she’s betraying sister Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) by bedding the bad boy.

Abi stalks Steven stalking Lauren

Fans of “Enders” know Steven is creeping on Lauren by tracking her cell phone but he’s shocked when Abi figures out what he’s up to.

To make things worse, Abi doesn’t warn Lauren and even gives Steven an even skeevier idea that he might want to watch and listen to Lauren so he can really know what’s going on with her. The talk with Abi prompts Steven to up his surveillance game.

Steven ramps up the stalking

Steven is keeping track of where Lauren goes and next week, he’ll also start watching her in secret via a camera in her mobile charger. Abi finds out what Steven is up to but rather than warning her sister Lauren, Abi takes the opportunity instead to turn the tables on the situation and try to get with Steven again.

Abi offers Steven a roll in the hay once again, but he only has creepy eyes for Lauren.

Steven tells Abi 'no thanks'

Despite Abi making it abundantly clear on “EastEnders” next week that she wants to get with him again like they did after her 21st birthday party, Steven doesn’t want to be the 'mister of the sister.' Although Steven slept with Abi before, he’s holding out for Lauren this time because he’s certain it’s love, but Lauren isn’t so sure.

Meanwhile, Abi is desperate for Steven and won’t stop trying.

Insecure Steven devastated by eavesdropping

“Enders” spoilers show Steven is put off when he overhears Lauren talking to Josh Hemmings [Eddie Eyre] about more than work.

Steven was already jelly and suspected Lauren was inappropriately close to her boss and that’s why he decided to digitally stalk her in increasingly intrusive ways. As Steven watches Lauren with Josh on the phone charger, he gets a jolt when he sees Josh ask Lauren out.

Abi tells Steven to give up on Lauren

Not only does Abi want Steven for herself, but “EastEnders” spoilers show Abi thinks Steven is kidding himself if he thinks he has any future with Lauren. Abi thinks Steven should settle for her instead. Abi makes it clear she’s on call for him but Steven thinks she’s being desperate and is turned off. He’d rather have Lauren who isn’t throwing herself at him.

Questions for next week

“Enders” fans wonder whether Lauren will say yes to a drink with Josh.

Steven also wants to know her answer. Can Lauren look past Josh’s lies about having a fiancée? Also next week, often-silent Tracey [Jane Slaughter] might get a chance to get back behind the bar at the Vic. There are interviews at the boozer next week and Tracey wants back even though The Albert wants her.

The action next week in Albert Square looks intense. UK soaps are heating up for summer. Check back for more "EastEnders" spoilers soon and insights on "Hollyoaks" and other Brit soaps.