In what could be a career-ending move, "Hollyoaks" star Kieron Richardson has accidentally revealed himself as the murderer of beloved character 'Amy Barnes'. On the morning show "This Morning" hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Kieron Richardson let slip that his character 'Ste Hay' would be revealed as the murderer in this season of Hollyoaks murder mystery plot.

When being quizzed about potential suspects, Richardson started to describe the acting talent of his co-stars. When praising Ashley Slanina-Davis, who plays 'Amy Barnes', he accidentally let slip that he had a first-hand account of watching her die, as his character was the one to commit the murder.

“All I am going to say is Ashley Slanina-Davies [is a fantastic actress],” he states commending her acting ability.

“Even in her final scenes when I was with my…” he begins to say next while making strangling motions with his hands


The regret was instant. Immediately after revealing this closely guarded secret of “is Jon Snow still alive” levels, Kieron sunk back into his chair with his face in his hands. While sheepishly making jokes of his situation and the level of trouble he may be in, the embarrassment and fear were real. Had he ruined the ending to the show? And what kind of trouble was he in?

His day soon got worse when he asked if the show was filmed live. Unfortunately, it was and Kieron was visibly uncomfortable.

Host Philip makes a joke that he had been fired from the show, and after a nervous laughter, Richardson fled the set to panic behind the scenes.

Can’t avoid those spoilers!

Spoilers are often a very real danger to those who follow TV and entertainment media too closely, with fans of the "Walking Dead" and "The Bachelor" being sorely disappointed recently.

Long-running soap opera, "Hollyoaks" has a monthly viewership of about 1 million people. This plotline would have undoubtedly been a closely guarded secret and a shocking reveal for the season finale. In a move that would have upset the fans and staff who work hard on the show, will Kieron Richardson still have a place next season?