Jim Bob Duggar seemingly gave his daughters’ husbands his seal of approval, but behind the scenes, there could be trouble brewing for the supersized Arkansas clan. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob’s strict fundamentalist beliefs has him at odds with two of his son-in-laws, most notably his daughter Jessa’s husband of nearly three years, ben seewald.

When Jim Bob’s daughter Jinger recently married Jeremy Vuolo, fans noted that the Duggar daughter began wearing pants instead of skirts as the females in the family all do. Jeremy, who is a pastor, doesn't share his strict father-in-law's beliefs that women should only wear skirts, and his new bride has been very public with her newfound fashion freedom now that she’s no longer under Jim Bob’s watch.

Where Jim Bob draws the line

While Pantsgate might have been enough to get under the Duggar patriarch’s skin, he seems to play mostly nice with Jeremy Vuolo. But when it comes to Ben Seewald, there may be much more behind the dad of 19's big smile. The Hollywood Gossip reports that Jim Bob is openly feuding with Ben due to their very different religious beliefs, most notably Seewald’s belief in the doctrine of Calvinism.

Seewald’s belief in Calvinism, which teaches that one's salvation and path through life are pre-destined, is reportedly a major point of contention for his famous father-in-law. The doctrinal disagreement has caused real-life tension between the two men, according to insiders.

A source says that Jim Bob smiles in front of TLC’s cameras in an attempt to keep the wholesome Duggar “brand" intact, but behind the scenes “it’s a whole different life" for the feuding family members.

This isn’t their first divide

The Duggar patriarch is extremely conservative so some of Ben Seewald’s more liberal-leaning views have reportedly divided the two of them before. Last year, Ben publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement in defiance of the Duggar dad.

Duggar fans will likely never see the feud play out on the family’s TLC reality show, “Counting On.” What they have seen is Ben entering the family’s life and asking Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for permission to court their daughter, then later marry her in a supersized TV wedding.

Early on, Jessa's dad told People magazine that he approved of Ben because he was the first guy that showed interest in his daughter that also had “a spiritual focus and legitimate calling about ministry work.” Jim Bob admitted that he thoroughly checked Ben Seewald out to make sure there were no red flags. Now it looks like he may have missed one.

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