Dj Khaled has finally talked about his work experience with Justin Bieber and how "I'm The One" started. The music producer recently released a new song called "To The Max," which he created with Drake. There is no doubt that DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber's "I'm The One" is one of the hit songs for summer 2017. The song has been topping up the music charts for months and it seems like it is one of the most star-studded music video ever made this year.

DJ Khaled talks about 'I'm The One' and recruiting Justin Bieber

According to a report from Noisey, DJ Khaled has finally shared the backstory of "I'm The One" creation.

The former "The Voice" adviser talked about working with Justin Bieber and the rest of the rappers for the popular song with Billboard.

Khaled stated that he caught Bieber playing piano at his home when he visited the "What Do You Mean" singer to play a demo version of the song. However, Bieber wanted to hear the demo on his own terms, which led them to Bieber truck which surprised Khaled. According to the radio personality, Bieber's truck was something special because it had huge speakers, furs, and lights. He was reportedly in awe because of the truck's interior.

"He is like, 'man, do not worry about a speaker, come jump in my truck, I have got a big system in there,'" Khaled stated in his interview.

"So I go in his truck and it ain't no regular truck. The man got fur and all types of lights like a... like you would not... I dunno, it is special."

Khaled collaborates with Jordan in 'Grateful 3' sneakers

On the other side of the story, Vibe revealed that the musician has another feat to celebrate as he collaborates with Jordan in "Grateful 3." The "All I Do" producer unveiled his struggles to keep it as a secret, which is why he dropped the news on social media.

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Khaled shared a photo of the red shoes, which had a Jordan logo on it and also uploaded a photo of his son, Asahd with the new sneakers. He used his Instagram account to introduce "Grateful 3" and stated that fans can actually pre-order the sneakers online. Khaled also revealed that they are giving away a free pair of the shoes together with his "Grateful" record by pre-ordering on his store.

DJ Khaled even shared a photo of Travis Scott as he held a "Grateful" sneaker, while the producer posed with his own red shoe. The "Grateful" CD can be pre-ordered from Khaled's website and will be released on June 23.