Abby Lee Miller was granted several days extension of her time outside of prison. She was scheduled to start her prison stint on June 30 but the Dance Moms star gets 12 more days to take care of personal matters. Hours before the start of her incarceration, she was given a reprieve.

The case that has been postponed several times during the course of the hearing has been deferred again. The reason for the deferment was not yet publicly known but Deadline revealed that personal issues that include health caused the delay. Miller will report to a Southern California facility on July 12.

The ALDC founder sentenced to one year in prison

Miller was sentenced to imprisonment of one year and one day after she pleaded guilty to 20 counts of fraud. The 50-year-old was charged with fraud for not disclosing her income from the Lifetime show amounting to $755,000 after filing for bankruptcy. She also violated currency reporting laws.

The defendant could have hidden away the money involved in the cases if Judge Thomas Agresti did not accidentally saw “Dance Moms” on television. The judge who handled Abby Lee Miller’s case then traced how the income of the coach was managed. It was discovered that her paychecks were paid out to her mother and a huge amount of money was further discovered.

Two months ago, Miller resigned from the reality show following a conflict with the producer.

She claimed that she was not given credit for her contributions to the success of the show. She was replaced by “Dancing with the Stars” alumna Cheryl Burke.

The show implemented major changes under the mentorship of Burke. She practiced a different approach from Miller’s coaching style that has caused conflicts with students before. Some of its students that left have made a comeback.

Chloe Lukasiak returned for the new season of “Dance Moms.”

'Dance Moms' former coach fears prison life

Miller said about her impending prison term. She said that she is not a criminal mastermind. The coach admitted that she trusted too much but she is ready to face the consequences of her mistakes. According to Extra, she fears a lot of things like the dangers of living in a prison facility with the rest of the convicts.

The ALDC founder remains hopeful that even in prison, she can still produce shows. After her stint in prison, she will be producing a “Dance Moms” musical. Abby Lee Miller remained active even appearing on shows abroad while her cases were being heard.

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