On the next episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Tripp (Lucas Adams) is getting ready to lay out his plan of retaliation against Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). He must avenge the death of Ava (Tamara Braun), which he believes was done by Kayla.

Latest spoilers

"Days of our Lives" spoilers according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, tease that Tripp has finally accepted that Kayla killed Ava. Now he is planning to do something to get even. Initially, he can't believe that a person with a gentle personality is capable of doing such a dreadful crime. It can be recalled that Kayla scolded Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) and stopped supporting her financially.

It is obvious that she wanted her gone forever from their lives. The problem is Jade is influencing Tripp and turning him against Kyla, which could be potential trouble.

Instead of blaming Steve (Stephen Nichols), Jade is brainwashing Tripp in order to make him believe that it was Kayla who has caused her mother's death. The act was only done by Steve in order to protect Kayla. Tripp is getting more convinced, which was further strengthened by Adrienne’s (Judi Evans) statement saying that Steve is taking all the blame for Kayla.

The series of revelations influenced Tripp who is now determined to plot out a plan of destroying her by ruining her career. For Tripp, the best way to start his revenge is by destroying her image and career as a renowned medical doctor in Salem.

Moreover, the execution of his plan is easier now that he is now working in the hospital.

If his plans turn out as planned, she could lose her license and her profession. However, the doctor will surely not allow herself to fall down without giving it a good fight, especially as her profession is at stake.

Other details

In other spoilers for the next episode of "Days of our Lives," Steve will have a growing suspicion towards his son who happened to be in his life just recently.

He has thoughts that his son might be hiding something. However, as a father, he will hope that his suspicions were wrong. Meanwhile, Joey will find out Tripp’s the dark scheme towards his mother and he will protect Kayla against it. The only question is, will he go as far as turning himself in just in order to protect his mom?

Aside from those, in the next episodes of "Days of our Lives," disturbing news about the island will come to JJ and Lani’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Dario's story will be dug up by Raine because of Abigail's request.