"Sister Wives" star Maddie Brown Brush is a first-time mom and is doing great. Her baby boy is just two weeks old now, and maddie does admit that she is having a hard time with him growing. On a recent post on Instagram, she said "This little stud is two weeks old today," adding a crying face emoji. "I'm torn between wanting to watch him grow and wanting him to stay small forever." The fans can't wait to see if Maddie ends up having a big family, but she has already revealed that she doesn't have plans to live a plural marriage like her parents.

How is Maddie Brush doing as a first-time mom?

Maddie has a ton of experience being around babies considering that she has a ton of siblings. They named their little boy Axel James Brush. Caleb and Maddie aren't living near their family, so she doesn't have a ton of help with her little boy by having them near, but you know they will still be around. Her parents were there with her when she had her home birth.

So far, Maddie is posting a lot of pictures of her little boy, and the fans love it. The Brown family isn't very active on social networks, so it is great that Maddie is sharing so much with her fans. They want to see the little boy and get to know him better. She shared saying, "I am that mom I swore I wouldn't be, posting tons of pictures of this handsome boy.

How could I not though!?" Everyone enjoys seeing Maddie Brown Brush's pictures, so this isn't something she needs to worry about upsetting anyone by doing.

Are they going to be sharing with the fans?

It really does look like Maddie and Caleb will be sharing a lot about their baby boy. Maddie is sharing on social networks, and right after their son was born, they had the TLC cameras there to talk to them about how he was doing.

Caleb said that he was emotional that his little boy was finally here when he was born. The very first night after he was born he actually slept for five hours, which was great for them.

The fans can assume that Maddie and Caleb will be really open about sharing their son on television. They had their wedding on the show, and they are used to the cameras being around.

This is the first grandbaby for any of the stars of "Sister Wives."

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