"Days Of Our Lives" fans things are going to get very hot and sticky this week and we aren't just talking about the summer weather. New teasers reveal that Claire and Theo are going to have a whole lot of explaining to do after Hope and Abe come across their steamy homemade sex tape on Theo's laptop.

Sex tape on the loose in Salem, this is not going to end well.

No matter how you try to get rid of dangerous evidence it always comes back to bite you in the but, no pun intended. Claire ordered Jade to make sure that there was not one tiny trace left of the sex tape.

Obviously, Jade did not do a good job or did she purposely leave it to be found? Looks as if Claire is going to have to do the whole lecture sit down with Grandma Hope on this one. Could things get any worse?

Who will use Theo and Claire's sex tape for some major blackmail?

Claire's' mom and dad are in Hong Kong and Hope feels especially obligated to lecture Claire on the dangers of just what this sex tape could do to her personally and professionally if it were to fall into the wrong hands.Claire is not the only one who will be taking a good hard scolding this week, Abe has a few choice words for his son Theo also. Both Hope and Abe are furious, but it appears that they may get caught up in the blame game between each other.

Abe feels Claire is more experienced and conniving has a feeling that she may have been the one to instigate the entire situation. But, hold up, there is no way Hope is going to let Claire take the heat for all of this. Kids will be kids, right?

But let us discuss Jade, she is clearly up to causing mischief and the more dirt she can get on her friendly Salemites the better.

We are not looking for this Claire/Theo sex tape situation to go away anytime soon. It wouldn't be "Days of Our Lives" if it did.

You know this is not the only copy too. Jade just might be swayed if the money is right to do all sorts of evil and hurtful things with her knowledge,

One more big issue that could arise from Theo and Claire's sexy time, you guessed it a pregnancy scare.

We are not so sure if Hope is down with becoming great-grandma just yet. Again it is going to be a long hot summer and things haven't even begun to officially kick off yet. To say that there will be fireworks over Salem is just an understatement.

Do you believe Theo and Claire will have a pregnancy scare, or will someone sell the sex tape off causing major chaos in Salem for all?

A spoiler look into the future... if Claire does end up pregnant with Theo's baby, is there a chance she could die during childbirth leaving Theo to take on the single young father role? Anything is possible in Salem. 'Days of Our Lives' airs weekdays on NBC.