Without any warning, HBO just released the second trailer for "Game of Thrones" season 7. The video is packed with action scenes, foreshadowing a tense and spectacular season. I guess every fan can't wait to see the second clip, so let's watch it.

'GOT' season 7, the second trailer

Below you can watch the new trailer for the upcoming seventh season of the HBO's show. Enjoy!

Trailer analysis

The video starts with Sansa walking through the Godswood in Winterfell while Littlefinger's creepy advice resounds in the background.

Immediately after, things get really interesting.

We saw Castle Black's gate rising and shortly after two figures on the other side of the gate. They are Bran and Meera. They're finally ready to go back behind The Wall.

After a short scene in which we can see King's Landing's citizens and soldiers, and then Cersei, the trailer focus on Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons caresses the strategic table inside Dragonstone, the table once owned by Stannis Baratheon. We see Dany again a few seconds later: she is walking across a Dragonstone's beach (you can see in the background the same rocks Dragonstone's throne is made of). We can also see her dragons flying outside the fortress, looking in good shape.

In the background, we can hear Jon Snow talking about cooperation.

As we can see from the trailer, The Hound is totally going to go north with Beric Dondarrion. After a few scenes in which we can see the Dothrakis fighting against large groups of Lannister soldiers, two short scenes featuring The Night King and Bran Stark take us back in the north.

Then we can see Beric Dondarrion looking extremely badass wielding his flaming sword.

The next frames show the size of Euron Greyjoy's fleet and the Unsullied's assault on Casterly Rock that we already saw in the first official trailer.

Some impressive war scenes follow: Jaime rides on a burning field and some Dothraki horsemen emerge from the flames, then Yara's ships got attacked, Drogon flying above some Dothrakis charging towards the Lannister army, and then a wonderful shot of Jon Snow and a few other Northmen surrounded by wights.

Before the end of the trailer, we can also see a compelling swordfight between a White Walker and a northern warrior and finally, once again, the mighty Drogon.

Don't forget: "Game of Thrones"' next season will premiere on July 16 on HBO. Although the seventh season will feature only seven episodes, each installment will be longer than usual!