"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that another former character is on her way back to Salem. Actress Eileen Davidson is set to reprise at least one of her former roles on the show, and could be coming back as either Kristen DiMera or EJ's crazy mother, Susan Banks. Either way, Davidson's return could be even more evidence that the NBC soap opera is bringing back the beloved character of Ej Dimera later this year.

According to TV Insider, "Days of our Lives" is not revealing which character or characters Eileen Davidson will be portraying during her most recent stint on the soap.

The actress began filming at the beginning of the month, but due to the show's advanced filming schedule, she will not begin airing until November. Eileen's rep revealed that her role/roles will not be revealed and will be a huge surprise for the audience when they see it. Could this mean that Davidson will be adding a new character to her roster? Only time will tell.

Is EJ DiMera returning to Salem this year?

However, many "Days of our Lives" viewers are already speculating that Eileen Davidson's return means that the character of EJ DiMera will be back as well. As many fans know, EJ was killed off back in 2014, but his father Stefano DiMera had Kristen inject his body with an unknown substance and switched his corpse with another.

The body switch was never talked about again, but it could come back to be the storyline that brings EJ back to Salem for good.

Recently, some evidence that EJ may be returning to "Days of our Lives" has been adding up. Not only is EJ's wife Sami Brady returning for a stint later this year, but audition tapes seem to suggest that the soap opera is looking to recast the beloved character, as James Scott doesn't seem interested in reprising the role.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Stefano's former evil scientist, Dr. Rolf, will also be back in Salem this fall, and he could have worked some sort of weird science to bring EJ back from the dead.

In addition to Sami and Dr. Rolf's return, if Eileen reprises one or both of her former roles -- as Kristen or Susan -- then fans are expecting EJ to be connected to the storyline in some way.

"DOOL" has also recently hired a new writer, and the cast is already buzzing about how good his scripts are. Chandler Massey, who will be bring Will Horton back from the dead later this year, has been teasing fans about what's to come, and it sounds like a wild ride.

Big things coming to 'DOOL'

It seems that "Days of Our Lives" fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months, and although there will be some big casting shakeups, the soap could be moving in the right direction once again.