Ariana Grande is set to continue her concert tour after the terrorist attack which happened in Manchester on May 22. To recall, it has been several weeks since she has canceled all her concert performances, but she is finally returning on stage as she performs back in Paris.

Grande took to Instagram and posted a photo of the famous Eiffel Tower. In the caption, she wrote that she is going to perform the first performance after the incident in Manchester. Meanwhile, she also added that she will be thinking of all the angels and has been very grateful for the love of her fans.

Grande's moving statement

The 23-year old singer has canceled all the schedules for her concert tour which is supposed to happen in London, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. However, amid the explosion in Manchester, the young singer made a return to the stage for the "One Love Manchester" benefit concert. The singer concluded the show as she emotionally performed the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow." She is now releasing it as her newest single, and all proceeds will be given back to the victims.

Moreover, Grande has also issued an official statement about her "Dangerous Woman" tour recently. The singer stated that from the day they started to put up the tour, all she wanted is to have a good space for all her fans to enjoy.

Grande also described her music as her way of tying people amid the different problems that world faced today. She has been very grateful to all her fans, and she even added that she is very proud of her concert team.

Singer to perform in honor of those Manchester victims

Following the unexpected attack in Manchester, Grande has been emotional for what happened and felt very sorry for all her fans that had been injured and killed.

But amid all the circumstances she faced on her concert, Grande has decided to continue her performance in honor of those who were victims during the suicide bombing in the show arena.

She also added that her fans would be in her heart and mind every single day that she performs. Further, she added that would think of them in everything she does.

On Sunday, as Grande returns on stage for the benefit concert, she can't help but become emotional for what happened. Nevertheless, the "One Love Manchester" was a great success. The entire team was able to raise the funds that they need in order to help those who were affected by the bombing.

Superstars on stage joined Grande. Performances were made by Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, and a lot more. As per a report from Mirror, the concert event on Sunday has made records as the UK's largest TV audience for this year. Everyone on the event was able to conquer the fears of terrorist attacks successfully.