'Sense8' fans were left hanging and disappointed when Netflix announced their decision to cancel the sci-fi series after its sophomore season was released on May 5. The decision came a week after the streaming service pulled out its star-studded drama 'The Get Down' after just 11 episodes. Aside from expressing their gratitude for the outpouring support of fans on "Sense8," the company refused to provide the reason for the sudden cancellation of the Lana and Lilly Wachowski creation.

Online petition to bring back 'Sense8'

Netflix's announcement was met with disapproval from fans who were quick to appeal for a renewal through an Online Petition participated by thousands of "Sense8" fans all over the world.

Earlier reports stated that the online petition was initiated by Argentine fans who were disappointed with the network's decision to pull out the show without a formal closure for the eight sensates.

About 500,000 fans signed the online petition to bring back "Sense8" for yet another season. And just like that, Netflix partially reversed their initial decision and announced that the show will return to wrap things up for Capheus Onyango, Sun Bak, Nomi Marks, Kala Dandekar, Riley Blue, Wolfgang Bogdanow, Lito Rodriguez, and Will Gorski.

'Sense8' confirmed to return in 2018

Lana, through a lengthy statement uploaded on Facebook, confirmed that Netflix has given them the green light to produce a two-hour finale for the fan favorite sci-fi drama.

She said the special episode will be released next year. The creator and writer even assured the "Sense8" fans that the streaming giant "[loves] the show as much [they] do" and was only forced to pull out the series because of its performance. "While it is often true those decisions are irreversible, it is not always true," Lana wrote. "Improbably, unforeseeably, your love has brought "Sense8" back to life."

The other half of the Wachowskis confessed that, just like most fans, she fell into "serious depression" when Netflix canceled the show after two seasons.

Aside from suffering from her own sadness, Lana also felt the disappointment of her cast and crew after losing the show. Brian J. Smith, who has brought Will Gorski to life, even apologized to fans after the series was canceled. He also expressed his gratitude to their loyal viewers and assured them that they felt their love for the entire "Sense8" production.

A spokesperson of Netflix told CNN that the network saw the fans' reactions on the cancellation and has thought of giving them the ending that they truly deserve. So here you, "Sense8" fans!

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