Corinne Olympios' ex-Boyfriend is now speaking out and he isn't shocked at all by what went down on "Bachelor in Paradise." You would think that someone that knows her so well would be on her side, but that isn't the case. Life & Style shared what her ex had to say about what allegedly went down between Corinne and DeMario Jackson.

What did Corinne's ex have to say?

Now that season four of "Bachelor in Paradise" has been canceled, everyone can't stop talking about what went down. There are various stories coming out, but something sexual went down between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios on the set of the show.

Corinne's ex-boyfriend Keith gave an interview to Hollywood Life and he didn't hold back on his thoughts at all. He explained his thoughts saying he wasn't surprised and that she has always been "irresponsible." He said that when they met in LA she told him she wanted a serious career, but he thinks that she might be more into the idea of being a reality star.

Back when Corinne was part of "The Bachelor" with Nick Viall, Keith was also sharing his thoughts about her. He even wrote a blog post at the time that said, "Your bachelor stint was a complete sham and now the whole town knows it! You HAD A FIANCÉ THE ENTIRE SHOW! You FAKED THE WHOLE THING." After that, he shared that he would spare the Internet all of the details, but the fans are glad he is talking once again.

What really happened?

As of right now, nobody really knows exactly what happened. Raven Gates and Jasmine Goode both shared that they are on DeMario Jackson's side. Nobody really seems to know what happened in paradise, but DeMario has plans to tell his side of the story and really hopes that the tapes will come out and that these will clear his name.

Jasmine Goode said that Corinne was seen making out with other guys after everything allegedly went down with DeMario Jackson. She even said that she got upset that the producers didn't want her to drink anymore. A lot of various stories have been coming out about what happened on "Bachelor in Paradise," but whatever it was this was enough that the show was canceled for this season.

They sent everyone home and stopped filming.

Are you shocked to hear that Corinne Olympios' ex isn't on her side at all? Do you think that Corinne or DeMario was in the wrong? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC.