According to Us Weekly, on Thursday, June 29, Corinne Olympios provided an update on her case handled by an attorney. She stated that her legal team has concluded the investigation into the recent "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal that she and DeMario Jackson were at the center of.

Olympios' statement

In her statement, Olympios said that a lot of false information has been spread about her, and that she still feels victimized, but she has not filed any complaints or accused anyone regarding the incident that took place on June 4. Even so, she says she feels satisfied with the conclusion of the investigation.

She said it's not true that she has been banned from the "Bachelor" franchise for life, as has been reported. She also said she was invited to return to Mexico, but she declined. She further stated that she is happy with the new rules that have been implemented.

Aftermath of scandal

Corinne's statement comes after DeMario Jackson spoke out about how he was affected following the scandal. He gave a three-part interview to E! News this week. He is hoping to clear his name after he confessed that he was "played." The 30-year-old reality star said that the worst part of the ordeal was seeing his mother cry every day over what people were saying about him.

Warner Bros. closed its investigation and concluded that no misconduct was found, then filming resumed with new rules.

Cast members were advised that their bags would be checked for drugs, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs -- to be turned over to a nurse. The nurse would dispense said medication when needed for the duration of the time spent in Mexico.

Upon arrival, the contestants had to sit through a two-hour meeting with producers and lawyers to be informed of the new rules regarding drinking and sexual activity.

From now on the contestants will be allowed a maximum of only two drinks per hour. The bartender will keep tabs on everyone, and food will be available along with the drinks.

As far as sex is concerned, both partners much check in with the producers in advance and let them know their intentions. This is to make sure that all sex is consensual. There is never to be sex without prior consent from those involved.

If a pair is caught being intimate without having notified a producer in advance, the act will be stopped.

What do you think of these changes?

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on August 8 on ABC.

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