The potential for drama on "Bachelor in Paradise" just went way up after learning that Corinne Olympios is joining the cast. The Season 21 "Bachelor" villain may not have won Nick Viall's heart but she is a lot more memorable than the woman who did. Now Corinne is back and we're not sure if she's looking for love or drama or maybe just a little bit more screen time.

Corinne claims to be nervous about her 'BIP' appearance

While Corinne Olympios claims to be looking for love after failing to win the heart of Nick Viall, it turns out that is not what makes her nervous about the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise." Instead, Corinne is worried that her return to Reality TV might also mean another confrontation with her "Bachelor" co-star Taylor, whom she clashed with heavily during her run.

According to E! News, Corinne Olympios "doesn't want any girl drama" with Taylor Nolan. The problem is, there are rumors that "Bachelor in Paradise" producers will be bringing Taylor to Mexico for Season 4 in order to amp up the drama and watch sparks fly between Taylor and Corinne.

Isn't Corinne already engaged?

Fans might wonder why Corinne Olympios is heading to Mexico for the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise." After all, it was revealed in March by US Weekly that even when Corinne was kissing on Nick Viall, she was already engaged to someone else. That would be pretty shocking considering that it was Corinne who pushed the limits on Nick's season, swimming naked with the reality star and even having sex with him, which caused a bit of controversy.

Corinne has denied reports that she is secretly engaged while continuing to appear on these dating reality shows while pretending to look for love. The whole engagement rumor reportedly started with another man that Corinne dated before her "Bachelor" stint.

Keith Berman claimed to have dated Corinne briefly two years before she signed up to find love on ABC's "The Bachelor." He wrote a post about Corinne, claiming that she had everyone fooled during her run on Season 21 because he says that she was engaged to someone else the whole time.

Keith claims that Corinne confessed to him that she was still engaged to someone else and that they were still together but it was a huge secret and she didn't want anyone to know. Rather than keep her secret (if she really told him

Rather than keep her secret (if she really told him this, to begin with) Keith wrote about Corinne's alternate engagement back in March on his own.

His blog post was picked up by the press and naturally, Corinne was asked about who he was and how he would even know if she was engaged or not.

Corinne still maintains that she is not engaged to anyone else and after all that hinting about a possible run on "Bachelor in Paradise," it has come to fruition. Now Bachelor Nation will get to see Corinne play the villain all over again because there is no way producers would not want Taylor back on the show and stirring up drama for Corinne.

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