The viewers love the show "Chrisley Knows Best," but now it sounds like things are going to change on the show. Their oldest son Kyle has nothing to do with the family and has moved on. Now, Radar Online is reporting that Lindsie Chrisley is allegedly leaving the show and moving on among a Family Feud. She recently got a divorce but has still been seen on the show along with her son Jackson.

What is going on with Lindsie and her family?

A production insider shared saying, "Lindsie quit the series — and it was not on amicable terms!" It sounds like she got into an argument with Todd and that is why she is leaving the show.

When Lindsay and Will got a divorce, this all showed on the show. According to the source, Lindsie wasn't thrilled when her dad had this all play out on the show. It sounds like Lindsie wasn't okay with this and that ended up ruining their relationship. She may not have wanted any of this seen on reality tv, but that wasn't the way it went down.

When Lindsie and Will split, Todd Chrisley shared with E! saying, "I had a problem with the way the marriage started. Not just on Will’s side but on my daughter’s side as well." He made it very obvious that he was okay with the fact that they were splitting and moving on from each other.

Can the show go on without her?

Lindside is the oldest daughter of Todd and Julie.

She has been on the show off and on. It is one of those things were obviously the show can go on without her, but she will be missed by her fans. When Kyle left the show, they were able to go on, but they had to change the way his daughter Chloe was seen on the show. She still lives with Todd and Julie, but they aren't allowed to put her on reality television anymore.

When Kyle left the show, they were able to go on just fine. Todd and Julie still have three children that will be on the show, and there is no reason that they won't be able to keep the viewers. Their oldest daughter wasn't even on the show that much anyway, but the fans will be sad to see her go.

Are you shocked to hear that Lindsie Chrisley is allegedly leaving the show "Chrisley Knows Best"?

Do you feel like this is a good decision for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes when it returns to USA. Lindsie may be seen when the show returns again, but this will only because it was recorded ahead of time. They may never address anything about it, even though the fans want to know the details about what is going on with this family.