Chelsea Handler is not only popular for being a good comedienne, she is also known to be the best friend of Jennifer Aniston. The star is not afraid to speak out her mind about Angelina Jolie, who was the ex-wife of her best pal’s ex-husband.

Fearless commentary

In one of the episodes of "Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen," Chelsea Handler blasted chilly comments toward Angelina Jolie. She was asked a hypothetical question of what she will do if accidentally trapped in an elevator with Angelina. According to the 42-year old comedienne, she would look up or pretend to be staring at the elevator’s floor button indicators to avoid eye contact.

To her, this is what civilized people must do in that kind of situation. Chelsea’s comment stemmed from the feud they had since Angelina's first stage of divorce with Bratt Pitt. The comedienne even mentioned this on her show.

In the divorce of one of the famous Hollywood couple, most people may point that it is the fault of the husband- Brad Pitt. As it was previously reported, the once so in love on and off screen partners parted ways partly because of Brad's problem in alcohol and drugs. On that matter, Chelsea Handler commented that it could be the reason behind "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" star's self-medication. Jennifer Aniston's best buddy also answered this theoretically. According to her, perhaps within the 12 years of their marriage, Brad chose to hang out with other friends in Hollywood rather than be at their home with so many children speaking different foreign languages.

Chelsea ended her long statement by saying that Angelina Jolie is a lunatic.

Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie

After five years of their relationship, Brad and Jennifer ended their marriage in 2005. That was the same time Angelina and Brad were filming their first movie together "Mr. & Ms. Smith." Allegedly, the actor cheated on Jen during that time and began having an affair with Angelina.

We all know what happened in the following years. In September 2016, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith” filed for divorce.

When Chelsea Handler was asked if Jennifer Aniston is affected by the divorce of her ex-husband, the comedienne said her bestie does not really care. Chel just finds it funny when people think that the divorce is a big deal for Jen. The "Just Go with It" actress does not care at all about what is happening with her ex-husband’s current life and appears to be happy with her current relationship.