Another man in Angelina's life: - Just a few months after breaking up with Brad Pitt, glamorous actress Angelina Jolie has already zoomed off with another dude whom she has kept in hiding. Our dear Angelina seems to forget that there is nothing hidden under the sun. According to recent reports, Angelina was spotted with this new man when she took her kids to Cambodia. Unlike Brad who has been torn apart by their divorce case, Angelina seems to be unruffled at all about the separation. She has been touring the whole world enjoying the company of her children all alone.

According to a report through In Touch, the new man in Angelina's life is a philanthropist businessman she met in London last year. Rumors has it that this man has been introduced to all the children and he is already spoiling them with gifts. It is also assumed that due to the bonding between her children and the new man, marriage may be the next thing.

Divorce case effect on Brangelina family

There is a serious legal battle going on between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in which the children are also involved due to what happened in the plane between all of them. Reports of the legal battle between the two celebs revealed that Angelina's accusation against Brad Pitt of physically assaulting their first son Maddox during a confrontation in a plane has no proof and no sufficient evidence to bring charges against Pitt.

According to a source close to the family, there is no indication Angelina will be getting back with Pitt, she has moved on with another man.She is waiting until the divorce with Pitt is settled before she introduces her new man to their children but she seems to be winning in the custody battle. Judges are much more likely to grant full custody to what they consider "full households" as opposed to single-parent households.

There is also a report from the same source that Brangelina's children want to drop "Pitt" from their last-name as a result of their parents' divorce case. Their eldest son Maddox Jolie-Pitt who had a fight with his father in September on a flight from Paris to Minneapolis wants to be known as Maddox Jolie. He has been siding with Angelina and does not want to have anything to do with his father, Brad.

According to a report from Radaronline, Angelina wanted sole custody of the Brangelina children so she accused Brad falsely and denied him access to their children, barely allowing him to speak to them. Brad is set to battle Angelina over custody after a caretaker dropped their 88-year-olddaughter and she hit her head against an iron-railing in London's Hyde Park. Jolie was not even in the country where the incident took place but this gave her a negative picture of being a careless parent before the public. This incidence has also given Pitt better grounds to fight against her.

Watch out for more report on Brangelina battle as the divorce case proceeds.