Kendall Jenner is distancing herself from the world of reality TV, and she couldn’t be happier that her rapper boyfriend, A$ap Rocky, is on the same page as her, sources reveal.Hollywood Life claims that Rocky has told Kendall Jenner he wants no part of being on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," especially not to share details about his romance with the model, and from what sources have gathered, Jenner couldn’t agree more.

She, according to the insider, has been wanting to distance herself from reality TV for months now, with the outlet sharing that in order for Kendall Jenner to take her modeling profession seriously, being on "KUWTK" is nothing more than a distraction to what she’s truly passionate about.

Why Leaving Reality TV Is Important For Kendall

Furthermore, oversharing her personal life has not only proven itself to be risky and dangerous but also unnecessary. Kendall Jenner wants nothing more than to have one piece of her life private, and right now it’s the bond she shares with Rocky, who she’s allegedly been dating for a couple of months now.

Reports claim that the “Phoenix” rapper had stressed to Kendall Jenner that he has no plans of ever making an appearance on the family’s Reality Show, but the 21-year-old assured her beau that he had nothing to worry about because she wouldn’t have asked him in the first place.

Seeing that she was hardly seen in the most recent series of the show, sources say that Kendall Jenner is gradually but surely removing herself from the platform — not only for the sake of her career but also her relationship with Rocky.

They prefer living a private life, away from the cameras and social media.

With that said, a source continues to tell Hollywood Life, adding that even to see Kendall and Rocky out in public is unlikely — they won’t be photographed together, that’s how secretive they are being about their romance. It’s something they’re keeping to themselves, and while people think they know about their relationship, they really don’t know a thing since the duo is refusing to share any details about it.

Keeping Romance Off Social Media

“It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to see Kendall and Rocky on a red carpet together anytime soon,” the outlet shares.When discussing the chances of seeing Kendall Jenner and A$ap Rocky on reality TV, the source adds, “She knows that’s something he wants NO part of and she’s super happy about that. Their relationship is amazing right now and neither of them wants to put it on the show.

Their relationship is their business and nobody else’s.”

News of Kendall Jenner’s decision to remove herself from reality TV comes just weeks after sister, Kylie, landed her own spin-off, "Life of Kylie," which is expected to premiere on August 6 on the E! network.

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