Fox has just started clearing its network and is now ready to pick up fresh and new TV shows. "Rosewood", which is a forensic Crime Procedural series on Fox, has been canceled after two seasons of airing. The series has been a success since it launched season 1 in fall 2016. It also drew solid ratings which led over "Empire" and even landed an early renewal for a second launch. But sad to say, the time has come for "Rosewood" to bid goodbye on TV.

Series stars shared the announcement on social media

"Rosewood," which features the tale of Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz, has ended abruptly when Fox made the final cancellation of the series after the airing of season 2 finale.

On the sad note, the series stars have shared this announcement and their views on the social media.

Chestnut first wrote his part on his Instagram page. He shared that he was grateful to be part of the "Rosewood" journey. He considered everyone on the series an important one. He thanked the writers for making the best story-lines; the actors for bringing the story to life, and the entire production crew who sustained the show's totality and lastly, he thanked all her awesome fans for embracing the series and for becoming part of the show.

On the other hand, Ortiz also shared her own words via Instagram. She wrote, "Today is a special day. Today I say goodbye to my very first show, "Rosewood." Further, she also thanked those people who mentored her and showed her the right way while doing the show.

She also considered Chestnut a beautiful person; a selfless person she has ever met.

Cancellation made cast emotional

"Rosewood" main duo, Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz, are joined by Rosewood's mother Donna, sister Pippy, Tara, and Mitchie on the forensic team.

Season 2 also featured the police ex-captain Hornstock and the current captain Slade. Apparently, the cancellation news from Fox made all these casts emotional. Each of them took to Instagram their bittersweet message about the announcement.

Throughout 2016, "Rosewood" has made a solid rating. However, a certain downfall affected the series when Fox moved the show to its traditional time slot.

It has been known that many series died when moved to the Friday night time slot.

Furthermore, "Rosewood" cancellation is no longer a big surprise since the network always wanted to make new rooms for new series at the same time. Nonetheless, this forensic crime procedural series just joined the list of shows which ended after airing on Friday nights.