The Hit 90’s sitcom “Roseanne” which won critical acclaim is going to be seen on the TV again. The sitcom was known for its revolutionary new concept which looked into the day to day affairs of a working class Illinois family when most other sitcoms had an affluent family as its background.

The serial could be featured as an eight-episode rehash starring Laurie Metcalf and other original cast members along with Roseann Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert. The original series starred Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson, Sarah Chalke, Natalie West, Johnny Galecki and the late Glenn Quinn.

As per Deadline, the latest version of the comedy will be produced by the original producers Roseanne Barr, Bruce Helford, and Tom Werner and the original cast members. “Roseanne” ran for an incredible nine seasons from 1988 to 1997 and went on to win 17 Emmy awards during its run. It seems like producers are finding it difficult to get new ideas and revival appears to be the latest buzzword.

We have seen the revival of Fox’s X-Files and a 10 episode second edition is due in the 2017-18 seasons. “Will & Grace” is also in the process of being resurrected by the NBC for ten episodes. “Roseanne” is also become the latest comedy of the 90’s to hit the ever growing revival process.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the show is coming back, and Sara Gilbert is the main driving force and will also become one of the executive producers.

The exact date when the episodes will become live is not clear, but sources are hinting that Netflix is on the show and this is possible because the company is reviving some other nostalgia-inducing shows. ABC is also reported to be interested. It must be remembered that ABC was where the show was originally aired. It is also claimed that the serial was a fictionalized, first-person version of Roseanne Conner’s life.

Down to earth depiction

The sitcom was hailed for its down to earth depiction of the lives of the lower income population. Barr and Goodman played the parents Roseanne and Dan, who had to work outside their home to meet the ends of the family. Many episodes of the sitcom revolved on how the parents tried to solve the daily financial problems which like in any lower income family keeps coming back with terrifying regularity. The sitcom also tackled a lot many taboos. The serial ended with the revelation that one of the main characters in the sitcom was a lesbian.