Netflix has yet to announce the official release of Bojack HorsemanSeason 4 as fans are now all excited for its return. And as the details of the animated series remain under wraps, its creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg talked about how he maintains his life outside of work instead.

The 32-year-old comedian revealed that every “swag” he had imbibed in the making of the satirical adult sitcom has to stay in the office. He doesn’t want to take things with him at home to give balance his life and work.

The creator’s take on life and work

“I don’t want to put it in my house, so this is where it goes,” Raphael Bob-Waksberg said, according to Variety.

However, he confessed that he is a little embarrassed about how much he is showing, insisting that “my work is my work and my life is my life.”

On the other hand, his Hollywood-area setup has a lot of personal treasures for the writer that is not always connected to “Bojack Horseman.” In fact, in the ‘90s, the animated series was part of a popular television show, thus he has plenty of good memories from that era.

He even has a number of audio tapes at the back of his desk along with some relics from an old car’s stereo system. Aside from that stuff, he also has a copy of the pre-recorded tape of Twister positions that he believed would make him an instant millionaire.

The good and bad criticisms

Moreover, “Bojack Horseman” has a cult following, thus it has a lot of critics. In fact, there some fans who share their observations on the show to the illustrator and show’s production designer Lisa Hanawalt.

It is even pinned to Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s bulletin board and it is regarding the role of Will Arnett and other animal characters’ lack of tails.

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The actor commends the show’s viewers for being vocal and thinking that Hanawalt is ready to hear everything they want to say.

Nevertheless, he loved how they possibly made these people love the show and even care to tell them that their characters have no tails. “I think it’s a nice reminder that you can’t please everybody,” he said.

Although this helped him not to care with the criticisms that much, he won’t also be too proud of the compliments he is getting.

Netflix confirmed on July 22, 2016, that “Bojack Horseman” Season 4 is coming. Although the streaming giant has been tight-lipped about the show, its Twitter page is giving little teasers about the animated series.

4th season’s theme

In an interview with IndieWire, Raphael Bob-Waksberg revealed that the big part of the fourth chapter has been already written before the 2016 election. Hence, some part of the upcoming season and most part of the fifth installment will be possible, highly influenced by the election.