Black Mirror” gave a huge impact to everyone in preserving the historical style of anthology storytelling. Now, avid followers of the show are set to witness the series’ evolution to becoming a book series. The British import has an iconic anthology TV series format where each episode has a new storyline, characters, and setting.

Speaking of classic, Charlie Brooker’s highly coveted masterpiece is a TV mainstay that brings “The Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Crypt” effect, every time. The style of “Black Mirror” and “American Horror Story” are somehow alike, bringing new characters and plot in each episode over the course of the season.

The series, which wrapped up in late 2016, will be adapted into a series of books.

Things to know about ‘Black Mirror’

According to Screen Rant, “Black Mirror” centers on the possible consequences of current society’s obsession with technology and modern advancement. The show started airing in UK’s Channel 4 and the original episodes definitely proved a point in getting the viewers’ attention. After its success among the subscribers, it was, later on, picked up by Netflix for seasons 3 and 4.

Creator Charlie Brooker jokingly expressed on Twitter how he is pleased to announce that the show will be available soon on ‘hi-tech paper.’ Moreover, the exact date for its release is on Feb.

20, 2018, and it is comprised of several short stories from different notable authors.

Bryce Dallas Howard talks 'Black Mirror'

Following volumes of the book, adaptations are presumed to be in the same format. Meanwhile, Brooker himself will serve as the editor and is expected to screen each entry, making sure it can establish a connection within the Black Mirror Universe.

On the other hand, Howard recently talked about her role in the previous episode of the hit show entitled “Nosedive.” She told The Wrap, “Social media is a byproduct of my job. But it is not one that totally makes sense. I sort of feel imprisoned but also empowered by it.” The 36-year-old actress received a SAG Award nomination for her role in the British series.

While nothing has been announced yet about the authors involved, chances for sci-fi scribes to be attracted are huge. After all, the legendary Satirist is involved and this is "Black Mirror" we are talking about! The year 2018 is still a long wait so for those who are eager to see more of the series, season 4 will be available before 2017 ends. Netflix has yet to reveal the exact premiere of the series so watch out for more updates.

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